Violin – In this course, the child receives individual attention from the teacher. More emphasis will be placed on building
repertoire. The student will also be consistently developing a good posture, producing good tone and be able to play
with good intonation. The learning process is broken down into several small steps so the child will experience success.
The child will learn how to possess good practice habit as this is vital for him/her to produce best result. The idea is to
make the child his/her own teacher!
 The group class enables students to work alongside with peers who share a common repertory, musical skills and
aspirations. Social interactions and opportunity to play as a group serve as positive reinforcement of skills.
 We strongly believe that the student will only be able to achieve the best results when the learning environment is
nurturing, and the learning approach is customized for the child. The child should learn without stress so that he can
develop a love for music. Our systematic and innovative approach enables the child a sense of mastery at every stage.
Music brings joy to our lives, and our hope is to develop a life-long passion for music in every child.