About Us

Aldebaran training Institute  is one of Abu Dhabi’s leading Training Institute, offering students an inspiring environment
in which to develop as artists and professionals. The School first opened its doors on the 7th of February 2008. The
institute has over 500 students, with a growing international reputation for its training. Music and arts, engages both
hemispheres of the brain and the benefits of this learned skill carry on through adulthood. Thus, regardless of whether
you wish to enroll in our courses for pleasure or as a more serious endeavor, our primary aim is to offer the students the
highest quality of Music and Art training. We welcome everyone with a penchant for arts and/or music to be part of our
organization and experience the magic of Aldebaran training Institute .
As a part of enhancing the Art training in a structured format, we introduced Dinoart
– to unleash the hidden potential of creativity in the year 2010. Since then Dinoart has become synonymous with
Aldebaran training Institute Art Program with over 300 students taking training for the same.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program – the best brain Development Program in the world was introduced in
the year 2011 in our Training Institute to give an edge over the other children to improve on the Concentration level,
photographic memory, Listening Skill, Speed and accuracy in calculation and Self confidence. This program is run
successfully for 13 years.
Keeping with the ever growing demand for a program to trigger the lateral thinking, improve on the creativity and to
keep up with the learning through smarter technologies – we have introduced ROBOTICS – in the year 2013. This
program is a one stop solution for Robotics education integrating STEM Concept (Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematic) for children in the age group of 9 to 18 years.


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