 Electronic keyboard

Electronic keyboard – The emphasis is to immerse the child in the music, so that while learning to play the keyboard,
they are also developing an appreciation of the music. We believe to sustain a child’s interest, it is critical that they
enjoy the music and the learning experience.
Our specially-designed curriculum aims to sustain a child’s interest in music-making, and to stimulate their curiosity. We
present musical concepts in different ways, to cater to different learning styles of students. This enables students to
grasp musical concepts in a more intuitive way. For example, a student will be engaged in some body movements to aid
their playing, or may do imaginative plays to get the lesson to come alive in the class.
We strongly believe that the student will only be able to achieve the best results when the learning environment is
nurturing, and the learning approach is customized for the child. The child should learn without stress, so that he can
develop a love for the music. Our systematic and innovative approach enables the child to achieve a sense of mastery at
every stage. Music brings joy to our lives, and our hope is to develop a life-long passion for music in every child.